No it’s not a typo I really do call them Yestimonials because in a nutshell it’s someone telling someone else that ‘Yes I’d use Jerry’s services again.’

I’m proud of these Yestimonials so thought I’d share them.

“We’re very good at what we do which is sell and let properties for people. Jerry is very good at what he does which for us is to free up our time by doing the things related to copywriting, PR and marketing ideas that we’re not so good at. He’s made a big, positive difference to what we do and is a guy with integrity, humour and a strong work ethic.”

Parkers Residential 

“Jerry has raised our local profile to a point where we are getting much more positive coverage than national chains with far bigger marketing budgets than us.”

Daniels Estate Agents 


We have had the pleasure of working with Jerry over the past few years. He is a highly experienced journalist, specialising in the property industry. Jerry has helped support our agency with content writing including property blogs & newsletters. Not only is the quality of his work of the highest standard, but he is also a great person to deal with. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to other agents looking to further their brand identity and to help connect with more people within their area.

Director at Carnabys 

“Jerry provides us with top notch copywriting services, great PR ideas and sensible advice. The difference between him and other PR people we’ve used is he’s down to earth, understands the world of business and behind everything he does is the desire and goal to win us more instructions.”

Partner, Daniels Estate Agents 


“Jerry has been invaluable in providing our magazines with quality content related to the property industry. As a journalist he knows what we want and as a natural salesman he knows how to pitch it to us.”

Owner of My News publications. 

“I’ve been delighted with Jerry’s services. We’ve had to use his emergency PR help once when we were unfairly and inaccurately criticised online and he really went out of his way to manage the situation for us. The reason I’ve chosen to be anonymous is simple. I don’t want people to know he works with us in case they try to poach him.”



“We’ve used Jerry’s services for several months now and he continues to be of great benefit to our agency. He’s likeable, very capable and knows what he is talking about. We’ve noticed a big increase in the amount of coverage we’ve received since employing his services.”

Co-Founder, Gibbs Gillespie 


“I’ve been working with Jerry for a while now and have to say that he’s made a real difference to my business. He has some fantastic ideas and the content he writes for my blog posts and testimonials is amazing.

“He takes the stress out of it and has made my website so much more current and up to date.

“He’s also managed to get me some great PR and a featured article in the Negotiator magazine. We’ve got some big plans for 2016 and Jerry has absolutely become my go to man to run any ideas past. I recommend Jerry to anyone!”

Owner of Benjamin Matthews Independent Estate Agents, SE23 


Jerry approached us six months ago offering his services as a PR man. Initially we were sceptical, since marketing and advertising are our stock in trade, but as the months have gone by we have found him incredibly useful. Although we’re good at advertising houses, talking about ourselves without being boastful is a much more difficult proposition. The number of hours we used to waste scratching our heads trying to write articles about ourselves. And the number of new ideas that Jerry has brought to the table has been impressive. We haven’t agreed with all of them, but they have all added grist to the mill, and many of his ideas have been applied to increase our marketing mix. From the feedback we’re getting from our friends and clients, our profile has risen noticeably since Jerry came on board. Excellent stuff!

Newberry Tully Estate Agents