Doing things differently can save your business

What follows isn’t a fairy tale.

Put simply it’s the best success story I’ve heard for years and an example of what can be achieved by doing things differently and using the power of PR.

In 2008 the Spanish property market suffered a collapse of biblical proportions.
Prices didn’t just fall off a cliff they fell so low they could be found somewhere near the earth’s crust.
Estate agents closed daily. Homes were repossessed hourly. It was Costa Del Doom.
However, an Argentine chap who was and still is an estate agent has done fantastically well out of El Catastrophe.

Here’s his story:

Jorge was hit hard by the crash.

Back then he had been focussing on the British, and wealthy Spanish buyers’ markets. His business was going down the pan until he did two things differently.

Jorge translated his Anglo / Spanish website to Russian. None of his rivals had thought of this. He backed up it by targeting the Russian media with news releases making his prospective clients aware of his service.

He captured that rouble rich market within six months.

Not complacent though he added Chinese, Portuguese (rich Brazilians) and Hindi translations to ALL his marketing materials. Again he backed this up by employing PR experts in the respective countries he was targeting to spread the word for him.

By doing that he became the go to guy for the entire Spanish property industry for the wealthy few from the newly minted emerging markets. The amount of PR coverage he received more than paid for the translators, web designers, PR consultants etc.

He’s never looked back.