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About Property PR Expert

Hi, my name is Jerry Lyons and I run Property PR Expert.

I became a journalist quite late in life (aged 30) following successfully setting up and selling a transport company in west London.

During the last 13 years I’ve worked in journalism and public relations for several different publications and organisations.My involvement with estate agents began six years ago when I started ghost writing regular articles
for a local office.It’s grown into providing many other services since then and we’ve a track record of helping our clients get their agencies noticed, trusted, liked and instructed.

I set up Property PR Expert because I feel there’s a demand and desire among independent estate agents to improve their local image. Most do not have the time or expertise to do it so that’s where we come in to help.

Property PR Expert - Award winning PR agency

Jerry is an award winning journalist.

I’ll only work with one agent per defined area and working with so many agents across the country means my clients benefit from a national ‘ideas’ pool.

By working solely in the estate agency industry we have built up great local, regional and national media contacts which we work with for the benefit of our clients.

I’m so confident in what I do that I guarantee that if people aren’t happy with the service I’ll give them their money back. No quibbles, no complaints.

Jerry Lyons Property PR Expert

Jerry in 30 seconds:

First Ever Job: Sunday boy at Wembley Market.

Favourite Global Holiday Spot: Japan is fantastic.

Favourite UK Holiday Spot: The Dorset coast.

Favourite Food: Curried Goat, rice and peas.

Favourite Musician: Jay-Z

The One Thing You Can’t Be Without: My family.

Pet Hate: Jargon and stupid business speak. My favourite current example – ‘It’s a game changer’. Unless we’re talking about Lionel Messi or a cure for Cancer it’s probably not.

Favourite Comedy Scene: Del Boy falling through the bar or Will Ferrell on the treadmill in Blades of Glory.

Great Love: Apart from my family it’s got to be football.

Approach to life in three words: Friendly, relaxed, honest.

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