Is your estate agency digitally dirty?

If you’re an estate agent who genuinely cares about what people think of your agency please read on.

If you couldn’t give a monkey’s then I wouldn’t bother to be honest.

Now let me explain that subject line.

In no way am I making scurrilous assumptions about how you or your team spend your time online in between valuations, unrealistic vendors and dealing with stuck up solicitors.

But there’s something I think you should be aware of. Really aware of.

Is your agency digitally dirty?

If you have a blog or news page on your website that’s not been updated in a month, it’s the digital equivalent of a dirty, greasy finger smeared, skanky looking office window.

Would you really expect potential vendors or landlords to peer through unclean windows which needed a good wash? Of course not.

And a Facebook page which just lists properties isn’t very social now is it?

That lack of online action and is sending a message – a bad one.


If you don’t have the time or expertise to keep your blog, Facebook page or news section updated with quality well written content, the good news is I have something which will cure your digital dilemma.

Allow me to introduce the Estate Agent Content Club.

Benefits of being a member include the answer to one of your problems – A well written, topical article accompanied by a copyright free image delivered to your inbox each week.

AND members get a monthly marketing critique on one piece of their marketing – could be a web page, canvassing letter, flier or advert. Fresh eyes = fresh thinking folks.

AND members get access to emergency PR cover. What’s that you ask? Let’s say you get bad coverage online on social media or from your local paper – well I’ll don my Spin Doctor coat to advise you on the proper way of dealing with these issues, so your agency doesn’t come out looking bad
AND members get access to a monthly newsletter filled with ideas on marketing, mindset, movement and mucking about. Yep mucking about.

AND because non-competing members are all in it together it creates an idea lake of marketing magic and things that are working right now to attract new customers.

You’ll also get a 20 per discount on my hourly rate for any ad hoc copywriting, marketing or PR work you need doing.

All of that for £12.50 a week! (A direct debit of £50 a month with no contracts – if you don’t like what you’re getting leave – no hard feelings).

It’s all done on a postcode exclusive, non-competing basis.

All you need to do is email me: Jerry@estateagentcontent.co.uk the postcodes your agency serves.

And if your areas are still available I’ll send you a couple of samples of the quality content my members already receive.

If you have any questions whatsoever why not be all old school and give me a telephone call on 07725 554902?

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.

Jerry Lyons

Multi award winning journalist and Property PR Expert

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