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The Tale of Two Estate Agents and the £15k Handshakes

I’d like to tell you a tale of two estate agents.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (no crime was committed but one of the agents was guilty of complacency).

The first agent, let’s call him John, sponsors the summer and Christmas fetes of a local school in his patch. Usual deal – gets to put out a few promo boards, name in the event programme and a mention in the local newspaper – if he’s lucky.

John’s been doing this for years. He now does it without thinking, despite never being able to trace back an instruction to his agency’s support and involvement with the school.

The truth is despite the thousands he’s spent he and his team haven’t really gotten involved.

They don’t attend the events. They have never tried to make more of the open door they’ve created with the school.

They’ve got complacent and believe that getting involved with your local community is simply about dusting off the chequebook a few times a year.

Compare this to agent number two, let’s call her Jane.

Jane recognises the importance of being seen to support the local school in her patch.

But Jane does things differently when it comes to making the most of the opportunity.

She does all the usual things that John does. Pays for boards and takes out a full-page advert in the programmes.

But she also issues her own news releases and social media articles (via me) to promote her agency’s involvement.

And while John is scratching his head about why the schools don’t seem to care about his agency Jane just banked £15,000 worth of commission thanks to her involvement with her local school.


Well Jane and her team always take a stand at the fetes and shows.

They offer the school help in setting up and taking down stalls.

They meet teachers, parents, children.

They shake hands, have chats and when asked offer advice. It’s pure public relations. Pressing the flesh to use an Americanism.

And guess what? This personal approach works.

By getting out from behind the desks and in and among those potential clients Jane’s agency does very well from leads that are generated by meeting people at school and community events.

At the school’s Christmas Fayre in 2018 Jane had a chat with dozens of people. Four asked for a valuation, two of these instructed Jane’s agency at the start of 2019 – both properties sold at 1.25 % commission and were both valued over £600,000 (it’s a nice part of the world is our Jane’s patch).

John is spending an equal amount of his marketing budget on supporting local schools but gets back zero.

The thing he isn’t giving the school is where he’s falling short.

He’s not giving them the valuable gift of his agency’s time and personal attention.

Jane on the other hand applies this proactive approach to ALL the community clubs and groups her agency commits to supporting. It’s paying off and will continue to do so in the future I reckon.

So, who is your agency more like – Cheque book John or One of the People Jane?

It’s up to you.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next completion.


PS: In June I’ll be announcing a UK estate agency first (possibly a World first, I’ll have to Google it but trust me it’s flipping great) when it comes to a unique and fantastic way to build relationships with your local schools, get a load of great PR and do something positive in the community. It is the ultimate win win for all involved.

To find out more simply send me an email saying School’s In.

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