The one thing I recommend to all my estate agent clients

The past few days I’ve gone back to my roots.

No, I’ve not been having a kickabout on the green in the middle of the council estate in north west London where I grew up. Actually, it still sounds like fun though.

I’ve been donning my journalist’s cloak again (wouldn’t it be great to wear a cloak to work?) and working as an editorial consultant at a company which publishes monthly news magazines.

You’ve probably across similar. Around A5 in size, good ones include a lot of local information and news, average ones just fill it with adverts but still survive.

I recommend ALL my clients take out a monthly page in one of these magazines and commit to six months.
Why? Print it dead right?

No, it’s not. The company I do the editorial consultancy for has grown phenomenally in 13 years since they started. Through a recession, the credit crunch and this Brexit balls up.

Print has changed. Local newspapers are dying which makes space and creates a desire for this type of local magazines. Which can create an opportunity for agents.

Usually estate agents who advertise in these magazines just list stock or run those awful – ‘More Properties Required’ messages.

That’s the wrong and lazy approach in my opinion.

Here are six better uses of that advertising space.

1) Write a quarterly local property market update.
2) Talk about your work in the community supporting schools, clubs etc.
3) Be quirky. One of the most popular articles I’ve written for an agency was how to keep pets calm around fireworks evening.
4) Write about local news – the new gym that opened, the butchers who closed, the school getting an outstanding Ofsted report – you’re a local expert? Show it.
5) Talk about national trends that may affect the local market – land and new homes sales spring to mind.
6) Open it out to local experts – invite a local gardener to write about what to plant in winter or a builder / architect to share their expertise on extensions.

If you work in an area where one of these magazines are published and its been around for more than a year I suggest you give it a go using the approach outlined above.

I’ll leave you with this thought – “Where there is attention, there is advertising opportunity.”

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next completion.


PS: For a secret tip on how to get the best deal from these local monthly magazines drop me an email saying: ‘Hit me again Alphonse’ and if anyone can tell me which TV comedy show that line is from I’ll send them a free article.

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