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Can Bingo Banish Negative Estate Agent Stereotypes?

“You can’t trust a word they say.”

“All they do is whack the property online and wait.”

“They’d stitch up their own granny if it meant getting more money.”

The above are comments I’ve heard about estate agents. Dishonest. Lazy. Greedy.

Defending Decent Agents

These in my opinion are generally untrue stereotypes but in my experience over the years I’ve dealt with a minority of agents who the above statements could be accurately applied to.

But I genuinely believe there are far more decent, hardworking, honest and capable agents than there are those who fuel the negative stereotypes.

However, agents don’t help themselves sometimes with their choice of words.

A friend of mine inspired this blog a while back when he spoke about his experience with a central London estate agency chain. I quote: “They talked so much utter bollocks and jargon that I burst out laughing at one point.”

No Laughing Matter

Here’s a taster of some over used words and nonsensical phrases I see on agency websites and property marketing and which I’ve featured on my new game…… Estate Agent B***ocks Bingo.

It’s a sheet I’ve come up with containing 25 pearls of property patter preposterousness. To play it you go through your website and property marketing materials and every time you spot a word on the sheet you mark it off.

Eyes Down

Professional – A dictionary definition is: ‘engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.’ Unless you’re volunteering at your agency you are by definition a professional. And so is a teacher, cleaner, bin person or solicitor or anyone else who gets paid for doing what they do.

Moments from the Town Centre: Jesus Christ. It’s about a flat overlooking a Tesco Express. In all honesty it should’ve said ‘you’ve more chance of finding Shergar being ridden by Lord Lucan while giving Elvis a backie, than bagging a nearby parking space.’

Bijou – What the f**k? I asked Mrs L what she thought it meant and she replied: “It’s a little dog isn’t it?”

The point is the words you choose and use matter. They create your agency’s tone of voice and if that tone doesn’t resonate with people ALL your messages could fall on deaf ears.

For a copy of the Estate Agents Bollocks Bingo Sheet simply reply to with ‘Real Talk’ as the subject line.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


PS: Check out this video me and my long-suffering colleague James recorded about some of the absolute nonsense used when it comes to creating property listings.

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