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How will you be remembered when you’re gone?

I sat down this morning to write an article.

Everything was planned. I knew the message I wanted to make and the call to action I’d deliver at the end.

I intended to share my belief that the words agencies use, whether written or spoken, can have a massive impact on their success, raising profile, building trust and driving instructions.

I was going to shine a light on some of the ludicrous things I see written on estate agency websites and marketing materials.

But then something far more important came up.

And it’s well worth sharing.

How will your kids remember you?

Before getting my head down to write I browsed the BBC News website and my attention was grabbed by an article headlined: How parents can ‘talk’ to their children after death.

It was a long but beautiful article about an amazing lady called Gaby Eirew, who has created a free app called RecordMeNow, so that parents (often suffering with terminal illnesses) can leave messages for their children in future years.

My biggest fear is not being around for my daughter as she grows up. She’s nearly seven and not being there for her scares the shite out of me. As I know it does for most other parents.

The app is designed to help children and young people who have been bereaved to remember their parents when the passing of time erodes precious memories.

It’s about leaving an ‘emotional legacy’ as the article’s author, Dougal Shaw, put it.

Gaby asked more than a hundred people what they would want to know about or hear from a lost loved one.

This brought me back to the profound power of words.

Her studies found the following, and I quote the article: “The single most important thing people said they wanted to hear was that their parent was proud of them, that they loved them and to hear them say that with their name.”

That’s exactly what I told Charlotte this morning as she ate her Weetabix and watched some annoying American kids on YouTube.

The smile in her little eyes was all the evidence I needed that Gaby’s research was spot on.

Next week I’ll write up the article I had planned. It involves bingo and estate agency jargon.

But for now, that feels trivial.

So, give your kids a hug, tell them you love them and remember at the end of the day we’re all just monkeys that got lucky.

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PS: Here’s the link to the article:

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