Is this how estate agents can get up and running?

It was Mrs L’s birthday yesterday.

She likes running and one of my goals this year is to run a marathon.

Quite why I want to run 26.2 miles for the first time at 47 years-old I’m not sure.

I guess it’s part of my mid-life crisis. But it’s safer than having an affair with my secretary (ain’t got one) and splashing out on a convertible with a personalised number plate (ain’t got the motivation or money for either).

Anyway, I digress.

Cool Runnings

As part of Mrs L’s birthday present I said I’d take her to have a spend up in a running shop in Hove.
If you haven’t been to Hove it’s a place where everyone tries really, really hard to be ‘edgy’ and cool.

But as my mate Marvin’s Jamaican old man once memorably said: “class doesn’t shout and cool doesn’t try.’ For my money it’s worth reading this blog just for that Caribbean piece of wisdom.

Back to the running shop

The shop is called Run. And it’s run by a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to running.

This guy is an expert. An experienced runner, very friendly and affable.

We told him we both wanted running shoes and he went to work.

An hour and half later and FOUR runs in different trainers around the block we parted with £300 for a pair each.

The thing that dawned on me afterwards was that I didn’t even think twice about the cost as we’d already received a bundle of value from his advice, tips on avoiding injuries and a great story about a 90-year-old customer of his who is still running daily.

Are you really an expert estate agent?

People will pay more to be served by experts.

That’s whether you are selling a pair of trainers or selling your agency to a vendor or landlord. I intentionally didn’t say selling a house because before you sell their house they must buy YOU.

We bought into the running shop owner because he used advice, examples, stories, products and time to show us he was an expert.

I’ve already left him a five-star review on Google. As have nearly 70 others giving the store an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of five.

Another lesson for us all there is a big part of my confidence in him came from being influenced by these reviews during my pre-visit research. What reaction would your Google Reviews get?

For the record mine can be seen by Googling Estate Agent Content. The photo that accompanies it is me getting photobombed by my then five-year-old daughter.

How do you show prospective clients that you are an expert?

What steps do you take to make the fee a secondary consideration after the level of service and expertise the client can expect from you?

And by the way if you’re ever in Hove and see one of the omnipresent hipsters wearing different coloured trainers as he sips his oatmeal latte I did it first – the different coloured trainers thing not the drink.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.

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