By Timothy Chan -

Estate Agents and the Temple of Doom

Hi Jerry

I love boxing.

I admire the boxers’ skills, strength, sportsmanship (including women boxers) and their stories.

I watched an event on Saturday where the headline bout was an English boxer Ted Cheeseman fighting a Spaniard called Sergio Garcia (it wasn’t the golfer moonlighting) for the European Super Welterweight title.

Cheeseman was being billed as a real hot prospect while Garcia looked more like a mild-mannered accounts clerk than an unbeaten continental champion.

From the first bell Cheeseman’s plan was obvious. He would walk through Garcia, who isn’t a concussive puncher, and eventually he’d nail him with his own heavy hands.

By round six it was obvious Plan A wasn’t working. Garcia was jabbing the head off his opponent.

By round ten it should have been stopped as the gutsy Cheeseman was taking a thorough hiding. The bout ended with Cheeseman’s face grotesquely swollen and Garcia winning the judges’ scorecards unanimously.

Cheeseman, as incredibly brave and determined as he was simply had no Plan B when his initial tactics didn’t work out. Now for the estate agent link.

The Estate Agent Marketing Pillars

I see a lot of estate agents who rely on just one or two marketing tactics to win new instructions.

That’s risky. If just one of those tactics fail, let’s take Facebook Ads as an example, that reduces their marketing effectiveness by 50 per cent. Potentially catastrophic.

The best approach to market any business is to have a Temple of Marketing with plenty of pillars holding the roof up. After all, if the pillars crumble the roof comes down and it’s Goodnight Vienna.

These marketing pillars can vary from social media to Google AdWords, from networking to winning awards and plenty of others. Great agencies have loads of pillars supporting their Temple of Marketing.

On the House

I’ve come up with a PDF highlighting 14 marketing pillars which could be used to drive business to your estate agency. The list is not exhaustive and I’m sure you can come up with lots more of your own.

The key is to have more than one plan, more than one way of getting your business noticed and winning the marketing bouts against your local rivals.

If you want a free copy of my Estate Agent Marketing Pillars send me an email with ‘It’s a knockout’ in the subject line.

I’ll even include a blank version where you can list all your marketing methods and see how your agency’s Temple of Marketing is shaping up.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


PS: March 1st is the date I’ll be launching EA Articles 2019 – a collection of 10 new articles on a range of topics vendors and landlords are interested in. To register early bird interest just email me.

I’ll give you a special preview a week before they are launched and a price so attractive it glistens like an ice-cold drink on a boiling hot day after a 12-hour shift shovelling sh…oal while wearing a wooly onesie.

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