An example of seriously sh*te estate agency marketing

I wasn’t going to blog this week due to being flat out with copy writing projects and feeling knackered because of our insomniac new puppy.

I’ve been on the night-time duties while Mrs L has been away working in London town.

Picture the scene. It’s 3am in the morning, I’m clapping zeds, I hear the unmistakable whines of a nine-week-old puppy and I rise off the bed, like Tyson Fury in the last round of his brilliant fight against Deontay Wilder. Repeat seven nights running.

Anyway, I’ve been provoked into blogging due to some seriously shit estate agency marketing which I’ve witnessed this afternoon. (Friday 18 January).

I’m working from home and hear the letterbox go. I race there before the puppy gets her teeth into whatever landed but now I wish I hadn’t.

It’s a business card from Fox and Sons. It’s the manager’s business card.

That annoyed me.

But on the back of the card really pissed me off, it read:

A marketing message from us, then in blue pen the handwritten message: Demand is high for homes in this area! (only use exclamation marks if you are shouting or as my old news editor used to say if the front cover says, ‘THE QUEEN IS DEAD!’) ….then it went. Please call us now.

No f***ing chance lads.

You’ve more chance of me calling 118 118 and paying £75 a minute to be told the number I’m looking for doesn’t exist.

I expect no more from this agency in our town because they have a piss poor reputation among people I know.

If this is how they market themselves how the f**K are they going to market your property well?

It’s lazy.



It’s cheapskate.

It’s anti-marketing as they would have been better off doing sweet FA then sending the office junior out in the cold to deliver this shite and spew out this interest killer.

Jesus, even the puppy turned her nose up at it.

Anyway, rant over.

There’s nothing wrong about popping marketing messages through your local market’s doors if you know how to do it properly.

Newsletters are good, when done well.

For two examples of how to do it email me, but please do it from your agency accounts as a lot of my competitors like to gather up my thoughts and I’m not in the mood for it today.

Here’s to your next instruction.


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