Estate agent marketing and puppy power

Is Google giving your estate agency grief or gold?

When can you stop saying Happy New Year?

I think it should be January 2nd but that’s probably because I’m a right grumpy pumpkin at the moment due to our new puppy Lindy keeping me up for the last two nights.

And, yes I know, the name Lindy Lyons, sounds like a stripper rather than a Labradoodle but try to tell a determined six-year-old that her little puppy’s name could be viewed in a different light. It’s an awkward conversation I’m guessing.

Any road, I digress and you’re busy, so I’ll get straight to the point.

Google reviews.

They are becoming increasingly influential in a customer’s buying decisions.

Google a sandwich bar or a hairdresser in your area.

The most prominent thing that’ll be put forward to you is the reviews the business you are looking for has received from customers.

For estate agents these reviews need to be taken as seriously as brown envelope landing on your doormat from the HMRC.

If people are using Google Reviews for making decisions as small as where to buy a cheese and ham sarnie what do you think they’ll think of an estate with a 2-star (out of 5) rating and a list of complaints when it comes to selling or letting their property?

Who is more likely to get called in for a valuation – the agency with 69 reviews, a 4.9-star average and a legion of fans, or the two-bit agency?

Customers are digitally savvy now and the battle to win their instruction starts WAY before that first point of traditional contact.

Google Reviews will bring businesses grief or gold –good news is you can influence them.

But how do you get more Google reviews?

You ask for them.

If you ping me an email saying ‘Google Shmoogle’ I’ll send you a totally free template email to send to people who you want to encourage to give you a review.

It’s well worth doing. Actually, it’s absolutely bleeding’ essential for your agency’s success. I have clients who offer £20 vouchers for each review from a client (these are people they know they’ve done a good job for) and it’s well worth it to incentivise people.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


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