Estate agent marketing and puppy power

Puppies and deal clinching questions for estate agents

The Brexit shenanigans have got shit all on the negotiations we’ve gone through over the past two and half years in my house.

We’ve had late night meetings, arguments, people storming out, doors slammed, stony silences and stare downs where it felt that the first one to blink would lose.

And my friends I must confess. I. Blinked. First.

I made a concession to my wife and six-year-old daughter who negotiated harder than Daniel Levy of Tottenham Hotspur to achieve their aim.

The result of our agreement has no backstop and only a small transition period.

So, within the next six weeks the patter of tiny paws will be heard in our home.

We’re getting a puppy.

I was originally dead against it, but they systemically wore me down with tidal like consistency and their relentless approach.

But what can estate agents, or for that matter, any business learn from the puppy party lobbyists in my house?

1) They had a clear plan. Mrs L and Charlotte knew what their goal was – Getting Daddy to allow a puppy to join the family. LEARNING: What’s the goal of your latest marketing efforts?

2) Persistence. They kept on at me, and on at me, and on at me. They did not give up when their first round of pleading fell on stone deaf ears. And too often agencies ditch marketing techniques if they don’t generate instant results. LEARNING: It’s consistency and persistence that gets your efforts noticed. An occasional advert or random blog here and there ain’t going to cut it with vendors.

3) Different tactics. The dynamic dog desiring duo employed several different tactics. Mrs L bombarded me with cute puppy pics and articles on how beneficial it was for children to grow up around a pet. Charlotte pointed to every dog we came across on our walks, drives, school runs. ‘Oh look Daddy, they have a dog. And them, and them………..’ LEARNING: Do you have a blog? Do you have a live chat option on your website? Are you involved with community projects? What direct print marketing do you do? Or do you just rely on Rightmove and no other tactics?

4) Still on tactics – they even made me watch a surprisingly good but weepy film about a canine chum called A Dog’s Purpose. LEARNING: On that visual note have you introduced video into your marketing mix? It’s not the next big thing it’s THE big thing right now.

5) And finally. The deal clinching question which left me with no other option to agree to their demands. Around the kitchen table they raised the subject again about the puppy. I was adamant (but to be honest starting to feel weak). No puppy.

Then Charlotte pipes up in a manner which makes me think she’d do a better deal of running this country than the current clowns (on all political sides). “Daddy, it’s a little unfair that you had a dog as kid. And mummy had a dog as a kid. (dramatic pause) And I’m an only child so why can’t I have a dog… I’m still a kid?”

Deal done there and then. I cracked and agreed to getting a puppy.

What’s the deal clinching question you ask vendors or landlords? Charlotte got straight to the heart of the matter with that question. Do you have a killer question in your prospecting / marketing armoury?

Throughout their campaign they sold the benefits with very little mention of features. Textbook stuff.

I’m now off to Google ‘How to house train a puppy.’

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


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