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Abraham Lincoln’s Marketing Message to Estate Agents

Words have power.

So why do many estate agents undervalue them?

Imagine being six years-old and seeing a sign ‘No blacks, No Irish, No dogs’?

I’m guessing you know who said: “I have a dream…….” Or ‘We will fight them on the beaches……’

Closer to home I still feel sad about something my Dad said more than 30 years ago when he told me I ‘just wasn’t good enough to make the grade at football.’

Words carry power.

Just look at how they’ve been used by politicians over the years to divide, terrify, vilify and persecute people.

The flip side of this is Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

It was a short speech delivered during the American Civil War.

Its message still echoes today and for many it was a turning point in the Civil War as it moved, motivated and re-energised the Northern states to go on and be victorious.

That speech was just 271 words long – the same length as this article.

The bloke who addressed the crowd before Lincoln spoke for two hours. His name and message forgotten.

Like I said words have power.

The power to create action from the reader, listener or viewer.

If choosing the right words can change history for both good and bad what can they do for your agency?

What would happen if your agency employed a talented copywriter who knows how to turn words into instructions?

Would your blogs be more interesting? Your newsletters more entertaining and your website a tool to win new business rather than just list properties?

I can help.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


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