What agents can learn from a tax dodging Irishman

When I was growing up my Uncle Tighe knew a fella who was in the building game just like he was.
This chap was a fellow Irishman who had a rather loose grasp of the tax laws- basically he thought it was optional.
A cash is king approach.
He was nicknamed Frank the Bank due to his lavish lifestyle, permanent bundle of cash in an elastic band and that he changed his car every six months.
The locals in the pub used to call his wife Judith. Her real name was Mary.
The nickname was due to her perma-tan and love of going on holiday every other month, like her nickname sake Judith Chalmers of Wish You Were Here TV fame.
Frank the Bank was rough and ready, and that was putting it kindly.
He had all the charm of a hungry shark and the table manners to match.
I’ll never forget him pulling up outside the social club our family was in one evening in a spanking new top of the range Jaguar. It was so new it glowed. It was beautiful.
And in typically Frank fashion he had whacked a bumper sticker on it.
I swear to god, not just any old bumper sticker but the following: “Don’t get too close – I might fart”.
A case of class clashing with crass and crass scoring a knockout. An expensive car totally spoiled by what was stuck on it.
The VAT man eventually caught up with Frank and he scarpered to Ireland. I don’t know what happened to Judith – perhaps she was left high and dry in Kos or is now working for Trip Adviser?
The story of Frank the Bank teaches agents two lessons.
1) Pay your taxes.
2) And don’t spoil something you’ve spent lots of money on by sticking rubbish on it. In the case of agents, I get called in to rewrite the content for lots of websites. They are often all singing, dancing and expensive but the content, the actual words on the site, is an afterthought and lets the whole project down – big time. The equivalent of the sticker on the Jag.
Anyway, thanks for sharing a trip down memory lane with me and here’s to your next instruction.
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