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Do Estate Agents Take Themselves too Seriously?

Is yours the best job in the World?

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning like Zebedee on Crystal Meth?

Do you absolutely love what you do?

I don’t.

Well at least I thought I didn’t until a video I posted on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago went viral (ish).
If you haven’t seen it a link to it is at the bottom of this article.

But stop right there please, as I have a serious point to make about the subject of estate agents taking themselves too seriously.

Certain professions take their roles in the World way too seriously.

Think of actors. Basically, they are people who pretend to be other people then think that entitles them to often be super pretentious.

And what is it with shop assistants who work in designer stores? The ‘I’m so grand’ attitude just seeps out of them, ‘I work in Gucci, therefore I must be taken seriously.’ Good luck with that, and the minimum wage they are most likely on.

I’ve met plenty of estate agents who also take themselves way too seriously. God forbid they showed a human side, a bit of humour or a glimpse of vulnerability.

At the end of the day you are salespeople. Just like the Gucci guys and gals but hopefully on a better take home.

And I’m just someone who taps words into a machine and hope it comes out half readable.

Doctors and nurses are important.

Especially on an emergency on a plane. Never in the history of people being in the skies has a stewardess urgently asked: “Is there an actor / estate agent / stuck up sales person on board. An overweight American in seats 32a ….and b and c is having a bad turn.”

My New Love

The video I made was just me and a mate mucking about basically and having fun. Guess what? It’s been viewed nearly 10,000 times, has led to two contracts to write scripts for estate agency videos and has shown me a side of my work that I love.

And where there is love there is energy and a desire to do better.

Anyway, enough of my council house philosophising.

My action point here is for agents to think about where they could inject some humour and personality into their marketing. Maybe a light-hearted video look at the stereotype of estate agents, or a Meet the Team that brought a smile to people’s faces.

It’s said that the shortest distance between people is laughter.

And maybe taking a lighter hearted look at how you market your agency might bridge the gap between yourselves and potential vendors and landlords.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


PS: Here’s the link to the video

PPS: Volume 4 of my Estate Agent Articles is out now. To find out more and see if your area has been taken just ping me an email.

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